Sample Walk - Braunston, Drayton Fields and Wolfhamcote

Ordnance Survey Explorer map 222, Rugby and Daventry.

Starting from Braunston Church, grid reference SP 537661.

This walk is 6½ miles in gently undulating countryside. It can be muddy, but there are no stiles!

Start somewhere between the Church and The Old Plough at SP 539661.

Walk past the Old Plough, then down Nibbits Lane on your right. At the end of this cul-de-sac turn left to walk along the bottom of the gardens.

Cross over (slightly right) the next cul-de-sac. When you get past the gardens and enter the field, turn 45° right towards the canal buildings.

Join the Tunnel Walk by crossing the canal bridge and turning left onto the towpath.

Point A (½ mile). This is the Bottom Lock; number 1 of 6 in the Braunston flight. We will be passing them all.Pass the Admiral Nelson; it's too soon to call in.

At the canal tunnel climb the steps and follow the way for the canal boat horses along the line of the tunnel, passing two air shafts. 175 metres after the second air shaft is point B (2 miles).

Point B is just before the path goes downhill.

You go through the gate on the right towards Middlemore farmhouse. Near the house you bear right (SW) between two recently (in 2004) planted hedgerows. This bridleway takes you to the dismantled Daventry - Leamington Spa railway, which you cross by means of the bridge.

Unfortunately we now have a string of new warehouses to pass on our left; part of the Drayton Fields Industrial Estate. Keep to the fence, then the hedge.

At point C (2¾ miles) go straight through the gate, and walk between new hedgerows again.

When you leave this enclosure you pass the remnants of Drayton Fields Farm and approach the A45. This is our point D (3 miles).

Pass to the left of the locked gate. Turn right along the road (pavement) for 110 metres to a finger post on the far side of the road. This is our point E.

Cross the road and follow the sign down the side of the fence for an older industrial building. Pass round to the back of the site and up to the hedgerow at point F.

Turn right immediately after the hedgerow so as to walk along the far side of the hedgerow, heading just north of west, so that the hedge is on your right. Keep to this side of the hedge until the gates at point G.

This is half way so, having just left industrial Daventry behind, this could be a good spot for a drop of refreshment. Pass through the gates, and downhill with the hedge on your right. Keep straight on, except that the hedgerow turns 30° to the right at point H, so follow it round and head due west.

Cross the Jurassic Way and keep straight on until you cross Miry Bridge at point I (4¼ miles).

Continue ahead uphill for 50 yards to a marker post, then turn right, following the River Leam. If this path is not cleared you could try the field edge, but it is not particularly easy.

At point J (4¾ miles) you pass through a gate, then cross a bridge. At this point you could opt for the track on your right, but the footpath heads just west of north to the small gap in the hedge, then due north to the next gap in the hedge at point K (5 miles).

Continue heading north, bearing to the left of Braunston Church, to the next gap in the hedge. If you had taken the track, this is where you would end up. Now continue north with the hedgerow on your right. Make sure that you do not inadvertantly cross the river (which would take you to the wrong railway bridge). Pass back under the old railway at point L.

Proceed to St Peter's decommisioned church, and turn right onto the track to read the church's notice. The church is still sometimes used for concerts even though it has no electricity. You can walk around the site of the mediaeval village of Wolfhampcote, on the opposite side of the track.

Follow the track all the way to the A45, remembering to look back at Wolfhamcote Church.

Cross back over the A45 at point M, turn left to cross back over the canal, and take the second footpath sign on your right, at the road junction. Follow the tarmac path up hill to the church. Turn right at the road, and pass the church to the Old Plough for a well-earned drink.

GPS Markers
Braunston Church: SP 53706610Point A: SP 54506590Point B: SP 56506530Point C: SP 55736438
Point D: SP 55506392Point E: SP 55416399Point F: SP 55256386Point G: SP 54976386
Point H: SP 54406364Point I: SP 53546355Point J: SP 53276415Point K: SP 53066461
Point L: SP 52956524Point M: SP 53546600The Old Plough: SP 53906610