Viking Way May 2018

Fulletby to East Wykeham
P1100037  Ready to start at 10:00 P1100038  10:05 . straight into The Lincolnshire Wolds P1100039 P1100040  All this white blossom
P1100041  11:10 . morning refreshment break P1100042  11:40 . Scamblesby P1100043  Good to see lots of splendid Horse Chestnuts P1100044  and lots of Red Campion
P1100045  12:40 . The luxury of a lunch break in the pub at Goulceby P1100046  13:20 . All Saints Church, Goulceby P1100047 P1100048  This transmitter goes by the name of Belmont
P1100049  15:00 . and a luxury afternoon break in the pub at Donington on Bain P1100050 P1100051  15:15 . on our way again P1100052  15:30 . cygnets on The River Bain
P1100053  15:35 . Biscathorpe Church P1100054 P1100055  15:40 P1100056  16:00 . they look as if they have walked far enough, don't they
P1100057  16:35 . the final climb