Suffolk 2018

Clive Williams
P1090922  Saturday 7th April at 09:40. Orford Quay P1090923  waiting for our ferry P1090924  10:35 . on Orford Ness. Having to slow down a bit P1090925
P1090926  looking back to Orford P1090927  10:40 . having to slow down even more P1090928  looking towards the radar experimentation site on Orford Ness P1090929  white sheep with black lambs
P1090930  the safe paths (free from unexploded munitions) P1090931  11:50 P1090933  sheltering from the wind . . . . . . P1090932  . . . . here
P1090935  12:15 P1090934  . . . . . and the rest of the group P1090936  extensive experiments were conducted on bombing accuracy (meaning getting better than a mile out) P1090937  15:05 . back on the mainland, after coffee and cake
P1090939  walking the sea wall P1090940  15:40 . aiming for Orford Castle P1090942  15:55 P1090943  16:50 . Orford Church, having explored The Castle
P1090945  Sunday 8th April at 09:45. Walking from our digs. Not a pond - polytunnel P1090947  11:00 . admiring some local residents . . . . . P1090946  . . . . . a lot of these around here P1090948  and this is what they think of us
P1090949  12:30 . we found a welcoming hostelry P1090950  12:45 . passing Snape Maltings on the way to Aldeburgh P1090951  still by Snape Maltings P1090952  heading along the River Alde
P1090954  looking back to The Maltings concert hall P1090956  it was suggested that these are thatchers' reads. P1090957  the path winds around a lot P1090958  13:30 . lunch
P1090959 P1090960 P1090961  14:15 . the boardwalk was definitely needed P1090962  Monday 9th at 10:15. On the way from Walberswick to Southwold
P1090963  and this is The Sandlings Walk P1090964  with the rest of them following on P1090965  A stile! - memories of Northampton. P1090967  10:40 . a chimney seems to be all that is left of Tinker's Ho.
P1090968  10:45 . Tinker's Marshes P1090969  a strange place for highland cattle P1090970  10:55 . raised paths along The River Blyth P1090971  there were actually two seals in the river
P1090973  12:05 . well painted Southwold beach huts P1090974  Strictly speaking, promenade huts P1090977  12:35 . we had to walk along the pier, didn't we P1090978  on the way for our cream tea now
P1090979 P1090980  14:00 . the ferry back to Walberswick P1090981 P1090982