Dorset 2018

Pete & Viv's 4-day Group walking holiday
P1100146  Monday 9th July at 13:40. A walk at Combe Bissett on the way down, after lunch in The Fox and Goose. P1100147  ditto P1100148  A lovely thatched wall at Homington P1100150  15:15 . Some welcome shade
P1100151  15:20 . more thatch back in Combe Bissett IMG 0050  View from our hotel. Photo by Pete Mitchell P1100153  Tuesday 10th. Getting ready to start from the hotel at 09:30 P1100154  09:37, having reached the coast. This house featured in some TV show or other (Broadchurch?)
P1100155  Looking back to that house P1100156  09:50 . our first hill, Thorncombe Beacon IMG 0054  Watching us struggling up. Photo by Pete Mitchell IMG 0055  Photo by Pete Mitchell
IMG 0056  Photo by Pete Mitchell IMG 0057  Photo by Pete Mitchell P1100158  Looking back from Thorncombe Beacon P1100157  10:00 . Thorncombe Beacon, where Pete left his map
P1100159  Golden Cap from Thorncombe Beacon P1100160  10:25 . waiting for Pete to go back and fetch his map, and an opportunity to photograph those sunglasses P1100161  Not for the faint-hearted P1100163  11:20 . after toilets at Seatown
P1100164  11:40 . Golden Cap, 191 metres FullSizeRender  All of us on Enid's camera (except Derek) P1100165  12:30 . we weren't expecting to find any water P1100166  and more water
P1100169  15:20 . games in the café P1100170  16:00 at West Bay P1100171  16:15 . leaving West Bay P1100172  16:30 . our hotel hiding behind a chalet bungalow
P1100173  Wednesday 11th at 11:00, having started at Beaminster. Wondering where the café is P1100174  11:20 . café found at Mapperton House P1100175  Apparently this house featured in some film or other as well P1100176  hoping for some crumbs?
P1100177  12:00 P1100178  12:05 P1100179  12:20 P1100180  summer boots do not expect this
P1100182  Guess who IMG 0067  This is who, of course. Photo by Pete Mitchell P1100185  13:30 . Hooke Park School of Architecture P1100186
P1100187 P1100189  15:00 P1100190  15:05 . back in Beaminster P1100191  Thursday 12th at 11:30 . Eggardon Hill iron age hill fort
P1100192  Yes, they have stiles here as well P1100193  11:50 . arriving at the hill fort P1100194  A good place for a break P1100195  12:40 . the path just dumped us somewhere around here
IMG 0072  Photo by Pete Mitchell