Capital Ring rewalk 1

Woolwich to Mottingham on Saturday 26th May 2018
P1100058  10:40 . walking through The Woolwich Arsenal to the start P1100059  11:00 . starting out along The Thames Path towards The Thames Barrier P1100060  11:30 . a colourful display in Maryon Wilson Park P1100061  12:00 . making good use of the café in Charlton Park
P1100062  12:50 . Severndroog Castle (not open today) P1100063  12:50 . descending from Severndroog Castle to Jackwood P1100064  12:55 . Jackwood P1100065  13:00 . lunch at Oxleas Meadow
P1100066  14:05 . a terrapin in Oxleas Wood P1100067  and goslings in Oxleas Wood P1100068  15:05 . part of the Tudor water supply to Eltham Palace P1100070  15:20 . Eltham Palace, also not open today
P1100071  just by Eltham Palace P1100072  also just by Eltham Palace