Capital Ring rewalk 3

Saturday 14th July 2018
P1100196  10:55, having got from Crystal Palace to Norwood P1100197  11:40 . Norwood Grove P1100198  11:45 . The White House, otherwise known as Norwood Grove education centre P1100199  11:50 . finding our way to Rookery Gardens for morning coffee
P1100200  12:30 . The Rabbit Hole in Streatham, now apparently Wonderland P1100201  12:50 . Thames Water's Streatham Pumping Station,  built in 1888 P1100202  13:15 . the other three ramblers at our lunch stop by the pond on Tooting Bec Common P1100204  13:50 . after lunch, friends on the pond
P1100205 P1100206  The pond P1100207  14:00 . finishing off lunch nicely P1100209  15:00 . afternoon tea on Wandsworth Common
P1100210  15:20 . mews near our end at Wimbledon Park Station