Capital Ring rewalk 4

Wimbledon Park to Boston Manor
P1100228  10:30 . Wimbledon Park Lake. Just a quarter of an hour into the walk, and just after our first toilet break. P1100229  The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club P1100230  11:40 . after our coffee break at Wimbledon Windmill P1100232  See the next slide
P1100231 P1100233  This is the genuine colour P1100234  12:15 . Richmond Park P1100235  The deer in the distance
P1100236  Having to join lots of other people here P1100237  Stopping to admire the view was allowed, as was, reluctantly, clowning around P1100239  and the stag, a lot closer P1100240  12:35 . the larger of The Pen Ponds (still Richmond Park)
P1100241  Still 12:35 . the other eight during a water break P1100242  13:30 . the view west from our lunch stop P1100243  our lunch stop P1100244  elsewhere in Pembroke Lodge Gardens
P1100245  another view from the gardens P1100246  Part of our lunch stop. Note Henry VIII's view of St Paul's Cathedral, which we saw through a telescope P1100247  Ham Hall from Henry's Mound P1100249  13:45 . the campanule of the ex-Petersham Church from Petersham Park
P1100250  14:15 . Richmond Bridge P1100251  Joining lots of others on The Thames Path P1100252  A brief catch-up, and ice cream for one of us P1100253  14:25 . a railway bridge and Twickenham Bridge
P1100255  14:25 . Richmond Lock (fits between the footbridges, which we walked over) P1100256  14:45 . The London Apprentice and Isleworth Church P1100258  In case you can't read it, it is All Saints Isleworth P1100259  and there were more round the corner. Bring back fishermen's lead weights
P1100262  We had this all day. It didn't spoil our day, but it made us glad we didn't live there P1100263  15:05 . Syon House P1100264  and Syon Garden Centre P1100265  15:50 . the start of The Grand Union Canal at Brentford
P1100266  but we had a mile-long diversion, partly along the A4, because of a dodgy building overhanging the towpath P1100267  16:25 . back on The Grand Union at last P1100268  We could have been in Northamptonshire, except that fortunately we don't tarmac our towpaths P1100269  16:38 . a rather elegant bridge
P1100270  which we had to cross P1100271  having just joined Shakespear's Way. We made the 17:49 with three minutes to spare.