Capital Ring rewalk 2

Saturday 21st April 2018
P1100007  10:40 . just got away from Mottingham. P1100008  11:10 . where we decided to have elevenses P1100009  the ladies' bench P1100010  11:35 . more open country at Downham
P1100011  with some rather early bluebells P1100012  and a parakeet P1100013  and more bluebells P1100014  11:45 . Beckenham Place Park
P1100015  12:05 . more Beckenham Place Park P1100017  12:20 . Beckenham Place for lunch P1100018  13:15 . fine roadside trees in New Beckenham P1100019  14:00 . Crystal Palace in sight
P1100020  14:25 . unfortunately there was a queue for the pedalos P1100021  14:30 . the Crystal Palace dynosaurs P1100022  the footballing dynosaur P1100023  a dynosaur being cleaned
P1100024  a canada goose admiring the dynosaurs P1100025  Crystal Palace stadium P1100026  15:00 . coffee and tea at Crystal Palace railway station, for our return home