Guidelines for Leaders

All leaders, whether new or experienced, are strongly recommended to study the guidance documents available on the Walk Leader Toolkit page in the Volunteer Zone of the Ramblers Central website.

The key documents are:

Please note that a walk is only covered by the Ramblers insurance if the walk leader is a member of the Ramblers on the day the walk takes place.

Dogs on Walks.

It is for the leader to decide whether dogs other than Registered Assistance Dogs (RA Dogs) should be permitted to go on their walk and to state their position in the 'Additional Details' box in the 'Further Details' tab as described below.

The leader should decide which of the following options should apply to their walk.

  1. If for any reason the leader does not want dogs on their walk they should use the words 'RA dogs only please'.
  2. If the leader wishes to encourage dogs to attend the walk they should use the words 'dogs are welcome'.
  3. If the leader considers that the walk 'may be suitable for some dogs' they should either state this or remain silent on the subject of dogs.

The words entered by the leader will appear on the website and in the printed programme.

Entering a walk on the Ramblers website.

Click here to download this guide in pdf format. (Better for printing.)

Revised 10/11/2016

Entering a walk on the Ramblers website is quite straight forward.

If you are a walk leader:

Please note: The information entered here will be used for three purposes.

  1. On the Ramblers central website.
  2. On the Northampton Group website.
  3. To produce the printed programme.

For the information to appear in a well-structured way on all three locations it is important that these guidelines are followed as closely as possible.

In particular please follow the guidance for the Title box.

Also be careful not to repeat the same information in different places, especially items such as distance, start time, grid reference, postcode etc which have their own specific entry boxes.

Essentials Tab

Walk Detail

Date. A calendar will appear to help select the date of the walk

Title.The Title is important as this will appear on the "Short List" on the Home page, and needs to be as helpful as possible but concise.
Please INCLUDE whether it is a "Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening" or "Day" walk, AND the general area or start place, such as "Grendon" or "Cogenhoe and the Nene Valley".
Please do NOT INCLUDE the distance or the pace/grade (leisurely, moderate etc) as these are entered elsewhere.

Description. Include some brief information about the walk itself. There are places later on for other instructions etc. Please note that this information will NOT appear on the printed programme, but will on the website.

Group. If you have registered as a member of the Northampton group, this will automatically appear.

Is this walk... Select as appropriate. If your walk needs a different category put it in the Description box above.

For "Figure of 8" walks enter information as for the full walk, but in the description box put, for example, "Figure of 8 walk. Morning 9 miles, afternoon 6 miles". Further information can be added lower down in the Additional Details box.

Starting Point.

Location Search. There are three ways of finding the details of the start location.

Do ONE of the following:

A map should appear with a "pin" showing an approximation to the start point.

To adjust it click "View on larger map" just under the map. The larger map allows you to drag the pin to your exact start location. Click on "Save Position" at the bottom right corner.

All the required values are calculated automatically.

Location Details. Add whatever is necessary to define the start location.

Show exact starting point. Leave this box ticked unless you know some reason not to.

Start Time. Select a time.

Important. For "Away Day" or similar walks where there is a meeting point and time, but no defined start time, enter the meeting details in the Starting Point box and leave the Meeting Point box blank. Any note about the actual start point of the walk can be added in the Additional Details box lower down.

Add a Meeting Point

If the meeting point is not the same as the start point, eg Church Lane (CL) start, click the sign on the right and another location box will appear for the details as below. Otherwise carry on with the Finishing Point (for linear walks only) or Key Details section.

(This box will NOT appear if you haven't clicked the sign)

Location Search. If your walk has a Church Lane (CL) option or other regular meeting point enter the grid reference shown.

Do not adjust these grid references by using the map. The exact grid references are used to format the Walks Programme table on the Northampton Group website and in producing the printed programme.

For other meeting points proceed as described for the Starting Point above.

Location Details. Enter "Church Lane, Northampton" or whatever is necessary to define the start location.

Meeting Time. Select a time.

Finishing point.

If you selected the "Linear" option in the first box a Finishing Point box will be shown next. Enter information as appropriate, but this will not be used on the Northampton Group website or the printed programme. If you want some finishing details to be shown use the Additional Details box lower down.

Key Details

Note: this section is not related to the Meeting Point section even though it looks as though it is.

Restriction. Leave "Public" selected unless there is some reason to limit the walk to members only or whatever.

Difficulty. These classifications are laid down by head office, and used in a walk search. Select "Moderate" unless you have checked what the other grades mean. (Hover over the "?" and click "more information").

Local Walk Grade. Leave blank.

Distance. Enter in miles or Km. The other value is automatically calculated. Only the Miles will be shown on the Northampton Group website.

Estimated Finish Time. Automatically calculated.

Contact Details

Type your name in the "Look up contact" box. As you type some options will appear. If you are not listed click "Add New Contact".

Enter Contact first name, Contact surname and Contact display name. (Your name as you want it to appear on the programme.)

Contact email. Optional If you enter an email address here it will appear on all three locations.

Telephone 1 & 2 Also optional. Add landline and/or mobile number. Otherwise leave blank. However a mobile number is considered useful as it will enable the leader to be contacted before and during the walk.

Ignore the Festivals and Strands boxes.

That completes the Essentials tab. Click Save and next step button which will take you to the Further Details tab.

Further Details tab

Additional Details. Ignore the formatting icons.

This is the place to add ALL other information, eg Parking, stiles, footpath conditions, lunch arrangements etc.

Also enter one of the following statements regarding dogs.

  1. RA dogs only please.
  2. Dogs are welcome.
  3. May be suitable for dogs (or make no statement).

Pace. Optional. Not used on Northampton Group website. Will appear on the Ramblers website.

Ascent. Ditto

Walk Classification.

Unfortunately, due to a technical issue at the Ramblers end, none of the information in this section is available to download for our website or the printed programme. However it is used on the Ramblers website and can be useful if their "Find a Walk" search sytem is used.

Complete it if you wish, but make sure that you have included any important items in the Additional Details above.


This information is not used on our website either, although some of it possibly could be if there is a reason to do so.

That completes the entry of all walk information.

The Save button will save the information as a Draft status walk. It can be edited later if necessary. Please use this option until you are sure that you don't want to add or change anything, otherwise your walk may get approved and published before it is ready.

Please remember that the information you have entered here is the only information that will appear on the Northampton Group website and in the printed programme.

The Save and Submit button will save the information with Awaiting Approval status and the Walks Editors will be notified that your walk is ready for approval.

Once a Walks Editor has checked and approved the walk its status will change to Published.