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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 14 of 14 - Syresham to King's Sutton

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 207 (Newport Pagnell & Northampton South) and 191 (Banbury, Bicester & Chipping Norton).
Starting from The King's Head, Abbey Road, Syresham, SP 631415,
and finishing at The Square in Kings Sutton, by the church, SP 498361.

This stage is 14½ miles long with 200 metres of climbing and 20 stiles, and is likely to take nearly 6 hours, plus breaks. A pub stop is available.

Walk out of The King's Head and turn left to walk north along the road. Leave the road to walk down the right hand side of the village hall, then turn right onto a track alongside the playing field.

Point A, 1¼ miles, ½ hour, is a sharp right hand bend after the garden with the railway layout.

At Point B, 2 miles, ¾ hour, do not walk through the gate to the footpath; pass to the right along the bridleway.

After Radstone, take the bridleway on the right hand side of the hedge, not the footpath.

Point C, 3¾ miles, 1½ hours.

After crossing the road in Halse, the path is through the stinging nettles on the right after the house.

Point D, 5½ miles, 2¼ hours.

Point E, 6¼ miles, 2½ hours.

Point F, 7½ miles, 3¼ hours, is Hinton-in-the-Hedges village green.

The Crewe Arms is straight ahead down a lane. Unfortunately they are not open at weekday lunchtimes, but at weekends they serve meals or you should be able to eat your own in the garden. For a weekday pub lunch stop, with meals, you will have to wait until Charlton.

Proceed up the lane to the church.

After Point G, 8 miles, 3½ hours, join the airfield's perimeter road through a gap in the hedge.

Point H, 8½ miles, is, at the time of writing, immediately after a stack of hay bales. Also at the time of writing the finger post is just a post.

250 yards after Point I, 9¼ miles, 3¾ hours, do not go through the gate; turn right over a stile just before it. At the sports ground keep as close as they allow you to the left hand fence so that you see the path out in the corner. In Charlton you pass The Rose & Crown for your alternative or extra pub stop. They close at 15:00 during the week.

Point J, 10¼ miles, 4¼ hours, is signposted to Walton Grounds.

Aim well to the right of Rainsborough Camp to Point K, 10¾ miles, 4½ hours.

Point L, 11¾ miles, 4ݬ hours.

There are places to sit in the recreation ground just before Point M, 12 miles, 5 hours.

The alleyway from Point M comes out onto a road down to Point N, 12¼ miles.

Point O, 13¼ miles, 5¼ hours.

Point P, 13¾ miles, 5½ hours.

Finish at King's Sutton Green.

GPS markers

Start: SP 63124150Point A: SP 61414088Point B: SP 60374068Point C: SP 57794074
Point D: SP 55113990Point E: SP 55153867Point F: SP 55883692Point G: SP 55143667
Point H: SP 54383665Point I: SP 53483666Point J: SP 52773552Point K: SP 52453494
Point L: SP 52153365Point M: SP 51693350Point N: SP 51373345Point O: SP 50763449
Point P: SP 50513557Finish: SP 49843610

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