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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 13 of 14 - Deanshanger to Syresham

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 207 (Newport Pagnell & Northampton South) and 192 (Buckingham & Milton Keynes).
Starting from the layby on Stratford Road between the A422 and The Elizabeth Woodville School in Deanshanger, SP 770397,
and finishing at The King's Head, Abbey Road, Syresham, SP 631415.

This stage is 15½ miles long with 220 metres of climbing and 22 stiles, and is likely to take 6 hours or so, plus breaks. A pub lunch stop is available.

Walk up Hayes Road. At the road junction turn left along Glebe Road for a few yards to pick up the path. Where the field edge path ends (after the housing), if there is no path cleared in the field aim straight for Hanger Lodge, which is Point A, 1¼ miles, ½ hour.

From Point B, 1¾ miles, ¾ hour, if the path is not cleared aim straight for the footbridge that is on the line of an old corrugated iron barn at Dairy Farm.

After the second footbridge turn left to go through the trees to meet the road just before a bridge. Go round to the left to find the fingerpost hidden behind the hedge.

There is a way through the electric fence on your right at the end of the field.

At the A5 cross the road and turn left. The footpath is immediately after the bridge.

To leave Potterspury take the stile then turn left.

Point C, 3½ miles, 1½ hours, is a stile hidden in the hedge.

When you see The Rudolph Steiner School at the far end of your field, aim for the rusty old hingeless gate halfway along the hedge to allow you to cross to the other side of the hedge. Go through the kissing gate on the left as you leave Queen's Oak Farm.

The path after Point D, 5¼ miles, 2 hours, really is between two hedges.

At the end of this path follow the large blue disks to work your way around Plum Park Farm.

The Barley Mow, 6½ miles, 2¾ hours, is open every day for lunch and beer, including real ales. (The later possibility in Whittlebury is OK, but it takes you a mile off route.)

Point E, 6¾ miles.

Point F, 7¼ miles, 3 hours.

Where you leave the track at Longhedge Wood go left a little to pick up the path that passes to the left of the little brick building in the middle of the field.

Point G, 9 miles, 3½ hours.

Approaching Point H, 10½ miles, 4 hours, keep to the water on your left.

Point I, 11 miles, is the path to Silverstone County Infants School.

Point J, 11½ miles, 4¼ hours.

At Blackmire's Farm pass round to the right of the buildings.

After Point K, 13½ miles, 5¼ hours, as you approach the road, the official path to the first pond is to the left of the fence and is almost impassable, so we suggest that you walk on the grass field between the fence and the road. Half way along, where another path joins from the road, there are steps up to the path beside the pond.

After Priesthaywood Farm cross two tracks and climb an old rusty immovable gate in the hedge. To find Point L, 14¼ miles, 5½ hours, look out for the hedgerow on the far side of the stream leading up to the road. There are the remains of a stile here.

From Point M, 14½ miles, if the path is not cleared aim for the clump of trees in the far corner. After the footbridge and stile here walk up alongside the ditch.
Leave the road down Church End. After Syresham Sewage Works, the map shows the only walking route possible at the time, but it is likely that this will revert to the correct route cutting off the corner.

GPS markers

Start: SP 76983972Point A: SP 75784100Point B: SP 75294153Point C: SP 75534367
Point D: SP 73394453Point E: SP 71614547Point F: SP 70904551Point G: SP 69024411
Point H: SP 67214333Point I: SP 66824401Point J: SP 66274421Point K: SP 63164401
Point L: SP 63464319Point M: SP 63334292Finish: SP 63124150

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