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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 11 of 14 - Bozeat to Hartwell

Ordnance Survey Explorer map 207 (Newport Pagnell & Northampton South).
Starting from Harrold Road, Bozeat, near the school, SP908592,
and finishing at the southern extremity of Hartwell, on Park Road, SP 784498.

This stage is 14¼ miles long with just 165 metres of climbing and 22 stiles, and is likely to take 6 hours, plus breaks. A pub lunch stop is possible.

Start down Court Lane and walk through the churchyard. After crossing the road, the path is to the left of the bus stop.Point A, ¾ mile, ¼ hour.

Point B, 1 mile, ½ hour.

Point C, 1¾ miles, ¾ hour.

After Point D, 2½ miles, 1 hour, just before the road, walk down close to the stream.

Half a mile further on you climb a stile at Point E.

After this, do not take the track, keep straight ahead, slightly right, to find the footbridge.

In Yardley Hastings, turn right opposite the footpath finger post, down Rectory Lane, then left along Little Lane to Point F, 3¾ miles, 1½ hours.

After the kissing gate at Glebe Farm, aim for the spinney in the far right corner.

After Point G, 4¾ miles, 1¾ hours, take the right hand path, then bear left along the field edge. In my opinion the kissing gate at the road is in an extremely dangerous point on a bend in the road. It might be considered trespassing, but I think that you should seriously consider walking along the field edge and up the road, especially if you are deaf.

Point H, 5¼ miles, 2 hours, is a farm entrance between houses.

Point I, 6 miles, 2¼ hours.

After passing under the archway in Denton, turn left along the road past The Red Lion, then left up Northampton Road, then the next left down Bridge Meadow and take the alleyway between houses 33 & 35 to Point J, 6½ miles, 2½ hours.

Point K, 8¼ miles, 3¼ hours.

The stile to the north of Hackleton is a bit to the right of the path; you could easily walk past it.

Point L, 9½ miles, 3½ hours, is the turning down The Jetty.

The White Hart, 100 yards east of Point L, is open every day, and serves good lunchtime meals. (From now on times will be quoted from Point L.)

Turn left off The Jetty along a tarmac path past allotments.

Point M, 11 miles, ¾ hour since lunch, is at information point post number 4. Our right turn is not way-marked.

After passing information point 3, with the thatched bench and the remains of The Church Path Oak, you will see the tree walk on your left.

At Point N, 11¾ miles, 1 hour, a cross-tracks, turn left along The Elephant Walk, past the entrance to the tree walk. This leads to the main car park, café and toilets.

Passing to the left of the café, Point O, 12¼ miles, 1¼ hours, is just at the end of the car park (the beginning if driving in from the road). Take the track on your left.

Walk through the overflow car park, and turn left along the road. At the crossroads turn right towards Hartwell. Take a track on your left at Point P, 12½ miles, 1¾ hours.

After the motorway, follow The Northampton Round until Point Q, 13½ miles, 2¼ hours.

Point R, 13¾ miles, 2½ hours.

GPS markers

Start: SP 90745917Point A: SP 89745932Point B: SP 89195957Point C: SP 88815856
Point D: SP 87575865Point E: SP 87065790Point F: SP 86415712Point G: SP 85715801
Point H: SP 85335863Point I: SP 84295814Point J: SP 83665776Point K: SP 81675638
Point L: SP 80635503Point M: SP 80635259Point N: SP 79685225Point O: SP 79435157
Point P: SP 79275113Point Q: SP 79235016Point R: SP 79124984Finish: SP 78374983

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