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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 10 of 14 - Caldecott to Bozeat

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 207 (Newport Pagnell & Northampton South) and 224 (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough).
Starting from the footpath at the sharp bend in Betwell Road, by Duchy Farm, at the western edge of Caldecott, SP987689,
and finishing at Harrold Road, Bozeat, near the school, SP908592.

This stage is 14½ miles long with just 140 metres of climbing and 7 stiles, and is likely to take nearly 6 hours, plus breaks. A pub lunch stop is possible.

Point A, ¾ mile, ¼ hour.

Point B, 1¼ miles, ½ hour.

You have to walk around the roundabout.
After crossing the green square, go down the cul-de-sac in the corner, then take the path in the right hand corner between house numbers 14 & 15. After crossing the main road, walk straight down Nene Road.
Point C, 3 miles, 1 hour.

At Point D we join The Nene Way, but don't take too much notice of the direction of the finger post. After crossing the footbridge, take the leftmost of the two paths to the bridge over the A45.

At Point E turn sharp left.

Point F, 3¼ miles, 1¼ hours.

Just before Ditchford Road, vere left off the track before the double metal gates. After the road, keep near the right hand hedge.
Point G, 5¼ miles, 1¾ hours.

Where FBs are shown on the map, cross all three bridges.

At Point H, 7¼ miles, 2½ hours, do not go under the road; go up onto the road bridge and cross the river.

Here we leave The Nene Way. Turn left up Daniels Road, and stay on it to the top. Turn right in front of the metal gate, to go into Irchester Country Park.

After passing the visitor centre and the children's amusements, cross straight over the car park. At the path junction continue ahead uphill, past post 6.

Point I, 8½ miles, 3 hours, is a lay-by on the road.

Turn right and take the path on the right that goes back into The Country Park.

Just after the school coming into Irchester, the path ahead has been impassable for years, so turn right at the path junction, then left down the road, left again at the road junction into Baker Crescent. You pass the end of the unuseable path, then right at the next junction.

This brings you to the working men's club, which is Point J, 9½ miles, 3¼ hours.

You may be able to get a drink at the club, otherwise, or if you want a meal, turn left and walk along the road for ¼ mile to The Carpenter's Arms opposite the church.

At Point K, 10¼ miles, 3¾ hours, after a footbridge, take the right hand path.

After Point L, 11½ miles, 4¼ hours, go down the road called The Gap.

Continue ahead where The Gap has a gap in the road where it becomes Park Street. Turn right down St Mary's Road. Turn left down Green Street. Turn left down Hinwick Road (the main road). Turn right down Raymond Close.
Point M, 12 miles, 4½ hours.

Make sure that you use the footbridge ¼ mile further on.

After Well Ley Plantation turn right and make sure that you have crossed the stream before taking a woodland path on your left. When this path emerges from the wood it will probably go around the left edge of the field.

Point N, 13¾ miles, 5¼ hours, is the corner of the field that the path should have gone straight to.

GPS markers

Start: SP 98696886Point A: SP 98116806Point B: SP 97286753Point C: SP 95196852
Point D: SP 95236873Point E: SP 94986883Point F: SP 94596847Point G: SP 92566809
Point H: SP 90096652Point I: SP 91456634Point J: SP 92486565Point K: SP 92036442
Point L: SP 91126291Point M: SP 91216230Point N: SP 91366025Point O: SP 90986022
Finish: SP 90745917

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