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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 9 of 14 - Titchmarsh to Caldecott

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 225 (Huntingdon & St Ives) and 224 (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough).
Starting from Titchmarsh Green, opposite The Dog & Partridge, TL023797,
and finishing at the footpath from the sharp bend in Betwell Road, by Duchy Farm, at the western edge of Caldecott, SP987689.

This stage is 16¼ miles long with about 165 metres of climbing and 11 stiles, and is likely to take 6½ hours, plus breaks. The route includes a short stretch along a normally-dry stream bed and through a permanent bog. These can be avoided by a mile of minor road walking (but no extra distance).

Take the path just before the church. When this path comes out onto a road, turn left and right through a gate.
Point A, 1¼ miles, 25 minutes.

Point B, 2 miles, 45 minutes. From the first footbridge, carry straight on to the second.

After Point C, 2¼ miles, 50 minutes, don't walk along the road; take the kissing gate on the left.

Point D, 2¾ miles, 1 hour.

Climb up and over the old railway embankment before turning left in front of the A14. After passing under the A14, over the footbridge and starting along an inviting track, look out for the footpath on the left.

At Denford, cross the road and walk up Child's Street. Turn left at the top along Peg's Lane, then right along Chapel Lane. The footbridge at the end of Chapel Lane is Point E, 4¾ miles, 1¾ hours.

Pass through the gate into the access area. Climb a stile. When you pass through the next hedgerow make sure that you climb the stile to the old railway embankment. After crossing a road and passing a spinney you join a farm track. Be sure to leave this track just before the end of Denford Ash Farm.

Point F, 7 miles, 2½ hours.

At Point G, 7¼ miles, 2¾ hours, take the path that goes between two hedgerows.

At the wood by Old Meadow, do not be tempted up the green track; bear off right over the footbridge.
Point H, 9½ miles, 3½ hours. At the end of this field we do a right and left around the hidden pond.

Point I, 10¼ miles, 3¾ hours. Take the left fork at the end of this field.

Just before the water tower and the road, and before the track bears right, bear left onto a footpath.

Point J, 11¼ miles, 4 hours, is The Three Shires Stone.

We take a path that rejoins the track that we were on earlier. This path ultimately turns left and becomes a road. We turn off right almost immediately, but if you wish to avoid walking along the stream bed, you walk straight ahead along the road, rejoining the route just before Point L.

Bear right after the second kissing gate. After the next kissing gate, turn left along the field edge. Keep to the field edge, resisting the temptation to take a green lane down to your left.
Point K, 12¼ miles, 4½ hours.

At the road junction, cross the road and walk down to the stream, and walk along the stream bed (normally dry in summer) for 100 yards, then take the boggy route on your right. When you get out of the bog, make sure that you stay close to the stream on your left, avoiding the tempting green track off to your right.
Point L, 12¾ miles, 4¾ hours.

Point M, 13¼ miles, 5 hours.

At Point N, 13¾ miles, 5½ hours, pass through the gate.

Point O, 15 miles, 6 hours.

GPS markers

Start: TL 02287974Point A: TL 00617965Point B: SP 99437900Point C: SP 99117924
Point D: SP 98737880Point E: SP 99577663Point F: TL 02627578Point G: TL 02267539
Point H: TL 03427252Point I: TL 04587219Point J: TL 04727067Point K: TL 03347100
Point L: TL 02627022Point M: TL 02396955Point N: TL 01776980Point O: TL 00376815
Finish: SP 98696886

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