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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 8 of 14 - Warmington to Titchmarsh

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 227 (Peterborough), 225 (Huntingdon & St Ives) and 224 (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough).
Starting from the junction of Chapel Street and Hautboy Lane in Warmington, TL 078912 (near the church),
and finishing at Titchmarsh Green, opposite The Dog & Partridge, TL023797.

This stage is 14¾ miles long with 130 metres of climbing and just 7 stiles, and is likely to take nearly 6 hours, plus breaks.

We suggest staying on the permissive path to Point A, 1 mile, 20 minutes.
Point B is 1¼ miles, 25 minutes.

After Point C, 2½ miles, 1 hour, you pass through the medieval village of Papley.

At Grange Farm, pass through the waymarked gate, rather than into the farmyard.
Lutton Churchyard could be a suitable spot for elevenses. The footpath is immediately after Chapel Cottage. This is Point D, 4 miles, 1½ hours.

Walk straight across the field, heading for the electricity lattice tower. Walk under the lattice tower.
After Lutton Lodge we actually walk along the county boundary for two miles.
Point E is 5 miles, 1¾ hours.

Point F is 5½ miles, 2 hours.

Luddington churchyard or porch is nice for a picnic, or wait another 45 minutes until Thurning.
Point G is 7¾ miles, 3 hours. Turn right after the stream.

Point H, 8½ miles, 3¼ hours, is the left turn just after the narrow field.

It is a short diversion to Thurning Church for a picnic on a bench.
Point I is 9¼ miles, 3½ hours. There is no finger post here; take the gate on the left after the stream.

At Point J, 10¼ miles, 4 hours, go to the left of the building, then pick up the path on the right hand side of the hedge.

Point K is 11¼ miles, 4¼ hours.

Point L, 11¾ miles, 4½ hours, is just before a tree. Point M is 12¾ miles, 5 hours. Turn right after crossing the track, and pass to the right of the pond. Point N is 13½ miles, 5¼ hours.

Cross two footbridges, then, after a stile, turn right to cross another footbridge to get onto the footpath rather than the byway. After the second stile aim to the left of Titchmarsh Church and to the right of a copse in the middle of the field. This brings you to a stile alongside a gate.
At the end of the lane turn left to walk along the road, then the first right along Chapel Street, then left to get back to The Dog & Partridge.

GPS markers

Start: TL 07769118Point A: TL 09189101Point B: TL 09169042Point C: TL 10718913
Point D: TL 11458788Point E: TL 12748672Point F: TL 12158627Point G: TL 10148380
Point H: TL 08928380Point I: TL 08378316Point J: TL 06868254Point K: TL 06548137
Point L: TL 05778171Point M: TL 05208029Point N: TL 04238041Finish: TL 02287974

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