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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 7 of 14 - King's Cliffe to Warmington

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 234 (Rutland Water) and 227 (Peterborough).
Starting from Orchard Lane, in the west end of King's Cliffe, TL 001971,
and finishing at the junction of Chapel Street and Hautboy Lane in Warmington, TL 078912 (near the church). There may be parking at the village hall, SE of the church.

This stage is 13¼ miles long with just 135 metres of climbing and 4 stiles, and is likely to take 5 hours, plus breaks.

Set off along the lane to the village hall. Walk through the churchyard. On emerging from the churchyard, walk down Hall Yard. When you hear running water, look through the metal grill in the old mill building.
Point A is 0.6 miles, 10 minutes.

Point B is 2 miles, 45 minutes.

On entering the wood after Bluefield Farm (Point ba), take the left hand track.
Turn right before the railway bridge at Point C, 3¼ miles, 1¼ hours.

Keep to the left of the little tree and the plantation behind it. Point D, 4¼ miles, 1½ hours, is The Ring Haw Field Centre. There are some convenient boulders to sit on.

Point E is 5 miles, 1¾ hours.

You now walk past the disused quarry that is used as a scrambling course, then through Old Sulehay Forest. Take the left turn just before you leave the forest.

Pass Wansford Surgery, which only healthy patients can climb the hill to.
Turn right onto The Nene Way just before Wansford (weak) Bridge at Point F, 6½ miles, 2½ hours.

Point G is 7¾ miles, 2¾ hours.

If you wish to eat your own sandwiches, The Angel Inn in Yarwell might accommodate you, but you may find it closed on a weekday lunchtime.

The Queen's Head in Nassington is good for a meal or for a drink at the bottom of the garden. From The Queen's Head retrace your steps for a few yards to The Jitty. Turn left at the end of The Jitty, and take the second path on your right, towards the church.
Point H is 9 miles, 3½ hours.

At Point I, 10½ miles, 3¾ hours, the path is just before the bridge over Willow Brook.

Point J is 11¼ miles, 4 hours. We pass the site of Fotheringhay Castle.

At Eaglethorpe, after crossing under the main road look out for the path on the right.
After passing the pub in Warmington, go down Stamford Lane. Turn left at the no cycling sign.

GPS markers

Start: TL 00179707Point A: TL 00869695Point B: TL 02479570Point ba: TL 03909676
Point C: TL 03929694Point D: TL 05289735Point E: TL 05419838Point F: TL 07389920
Point G: TL 07019779Point H: TL 06339626Point I: TL 05429412Point J: TL 05849330
Finish: TL 07749116

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