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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 6 of 14 - Geddington to King's Cliffe

Ordnance Survey Explorer map 224 (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough).
Starting from The Queen Eleanor Cross, near the church, in Geddington, SP 895830,
and finishing at Orchard Lane, in the west end of King's Cliffe, TL 001971.

This stage is 15½ miles long with just 150 metres of climbing and 21 stiles, and is likely to take 6 hours, plus any breaks.

From The Cross pass the church and turn left up Wood Street.
Pass through Geddington Chase to Point A, 1½ miles, 30 minutes.

Follow the hedgerow.
At Point aa bear right with the hedgerow. Follow the field boundary in the next field until just before the mobile phone mast at Point ab where we turn left to cross to the other side of the hedge.

On entering Stanion, if you see the alleyway just before the road junction take it.
Point B, 3 miles, 1 hour, is where the path turns right opposite St Peter's Close.

After two footbridges the path takes you up to a stile at Point ba. After a few yards a tree at Point bb will come into view for you to aim for. Point bc is a stile. You are in Red Kite territory.
Point C, 5 miles, 1¾ hours, is Old Dry Lane, alongside the old mill The Matchbox.

Point D, 7 miles, 2½ hours.

Veer left off the track at Point E, 7¾ miles, 2¾ hours.

Point F, 9 miles, 3¼ hours, is the start of a lane.

There is no pub on this section. A likely picnic spot is the bench on Deenethorpe Green on your right up a few steps just after crossing Benefield Road.

Point G, 9¾ miles, 3½ hours.

After the road the path can become flooded, in which case it is possible to walk on the other side of the fence.
After Point H, 11 miles, 4 hours, you pass the teapot millenium obelisk.

You enter Bulwick over Ferrils Wood earthworks of a moated hunting lodge.

Now we follow Willow Brook for the rest of the walk.

After Point I, 13¼ miles, 5 hours, you pass close to Blatherwyke Church.

At Point ia turn left to swap to the other side of the hedge. The path comes out half way down Orchard Lane.

GPS markers

Start: SP 89468301Point A: SP 90518496Point aa: SP 91268579Point ab: SP 91318618
Point B: SP 91588685Point ba: SP 92108657Point bb: SP 92958624Point bc: SP 93858574
Point C: SP 94478564Point D: SP 95078857Point E: SP 95388967Point ea: SP 95059020
Point F: SP 96009124Point G: SP 95689200Point ga: SP 94659230Point H: SP 94839276
Point ha: SP 95759354Point I: SP 97339557Point ia: SP 98409642Finish: TL 00179707

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