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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 5 of 14 - Brampton Ash to Geddington

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 223 (Northampton & Market Harborough) and 224 (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough).
Starting from the layby on the main road (A427) near The Old Rectory in Brampton Ash, SP 784875,
and finishing at The Queen Eleanor Cross, near the church, in Geddington, SP 895830.

This stage is 13¼ miles long with 235 metres of climbing and 20 stiles, and is likely to take 5¼ hours, plus pub stops and other breaks.

Point A, 1¼ miles, 25 minutes.

The wooden fingers of The Six Ways post were renewed some years ago by The Ramblers. In the corner of this field, take the left hand gate; the bridleway. Point B, 2¼ miles, 50 minutes, is where the fence does a sharp 10° turn to the left.

Walk straight on past Ashley Church. Bear right past The Maltings, cross over the main road in front of The George, and proceed down Green Lane.
Point C, 3 miles, 1¼ hours.

Point D, 5 miles, 2 hours, is a good place to have a break around the war memorial.

Point E, 5.4 miles, 2 hours.

Point F, 6½ miles, 2½ hours.

Point G, 7 miles, 2¾ hours.

Point H, 8 miles, 3 hours.

Lunch at The Spread Eagle, 9½ miles, 3¾ hours. After lunch, pass under the road with Harper's Brook on your right.

Point I, 10¼ miles, 4 hours.

Point J, 11½ miles, 4½ hours, is by a lattice tower (power pylon).

Point K, 12½ miles, 5 hours. As you pass The Newton Field Centre, read about the rebellion of 1607.

GPS Markers

Start: SP 78418754Point A: SP 78018928Point B: SP 78499052Point C: SP 79689077
Point D: SP 80578819Point E: SP 81238836Point F: SP 82598645Point G: SP 82588643
Point H: SP 83978571Lunch: SP 86268577Point I: SP 87198579Point J: SP 88088446
Point K: SP 88218340Finish: SP 89438304

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