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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 4 of 14 - Welford to Brampton Ash

Ordnance Survey Explorer map 223 (Northampton & Market Harborough).
Starting from Welford Church, SP 641803,
and finishing at the main road near The Old Rectory in Brampton Ash, SP 784875.

This stage is 14¾ miles long with 280 metres of climbing and 48 stiles, and is likely to take 6 hours, plus pub stops and other breaks.

Enter the churchyard. Keep right and continue down an alleyway to the main road, where you turn left. Turn right after 120 metres. You may need to look behind you to see the footpath sign up on a wall. At the time of writing this is a building site, but the object is to get to a field gate, left of centre, behind the building(s).
Do not cross the river yet. At the footpath crossroads (Point A) bear right following The Shakespeare's Avon Way signs.

Ultimately, after a half-mile or so, you do cross The River Avon, and walk away from it to Point B, 1½ miles, 30 minutes, on the Naseby Road.

After the muddy wood and the waymark that indicates a left turn for The Reservoir Walk in 200 metres, turn left when you reach an opening in the hedgerow on your right with mention of a permissive path, at Point C. Point D, 3¼ miles, 1¼ hours.

After Point E you pass what looks remarkably like ancient earthworks. Point F, 5 miles, 1¾ hours.

Go into East Farndon churchyard. Pass to the right of the church to find the stile to leave the churchyard.
The next stile is Point G. Here, because it is a grass field, we may as well cheat and turn left along the field boundary.

After passing through two gateways there is a dip (valley) on your right, which you need to cross, and you are better off crossing it sooner rather than later. The footpath crossroads that you are aiming for is at the power pole. Walking east from here you come across an impenetrable barrier of gorse. I would hazard a guess that you need to go left, to Point H, 6¾ miles, 2¾ hours, to find the way through.

You cross into Leicestershire just before the playing fields of Market Harborough's Leisure Centre.
In Market Harborough, turn right at Point I, 8 miles, 3¼ hours, down Bath Street.

The main road is Point J, 8½ miles, 3½ hours, where you will find The Bell conveniently opposite.

On leaving The Bell, pass through the gap in the hedge at the back of the car park onto The Brampton Valley Way.
Cross back into Northamptonshire. Leave The Brampton Valley Way at Point K, 9½ miles, 4 hours, by skirting round the ladder stile.

Pass through Braybrooke, with its magnificent church steeple. Point L, 11½ miles, 4½ hours.

Point M, 12½ miles, 5¼ hours.

Point N, 13¼ miles, 5½ hours. We now arrive at Brampton Ash, with more mysterious earthworks.

Point O, 14¼ miles, 5¾ hours. We can now admire The Church as we walk past Brampton Ash.
Finish at the main road (A427).

GPS markers

Start: SP 64068034Point A: SP 64718048Point B: SP 66118037Point C: SP 66718117
Point D: SP 68198223Point E: SP 68208287Point F: SP 69568407Point G: SP 71648468
Point H: SP 72138497Point I: SP 73228639Point J: SP 73758650Point K: SP 74458488
Point L: SP 76908441Point M: SP 78298554Point N: SP 79338601Point O: SP 79108718
Finish: SP 78418754

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