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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 3 of 14 - Braunston to Welford

Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 222 (Rugby & Daventry) & 223 (Northampton & Market Harborough).
Starting from The Old Plough, 82 High Street, Braunston, NN11 7HS, SP 540662.

This stage is 15½ miles long with 210 metres of climbing and 50 stiles, and is likely to take 5¾ hours, plus pub stops and other breaks.

To escape from Braunston, facing The Old Plough, turn right along the road. Turn left at the alleyway after 100 metres. At the end of the alleyway, turn left along the road. After 100 metres, outside the rear car park entrance to The Old Plough, turn right down another alleyway. Cross over the next road and walk down Country Side (a road), and keep straight on into the countryside, and straight on through the countryside for 1½ miles.
Don't climb the hill below Tiltup's Wood; bear to the left of it to find the footbridge at Point A.

In Barby, take the first road on the right, Kilsby Road, signposted to The Village Hall.
This is Point B 2½ miles, 1 hour.

Take the first right, Star Corner, then bear left and take the footpath on the left just before house number 15. After the footbridge turn sharp right.
In Kilsby, take the turning left just before the roundabout, into Watling Street. Take the path on the right before the pub, and cross the A5 to a stile.

This is Point C 4½ miles, 1¾ hours.

You cross over Kilsby Railway Tunnel (for The West Coast Main Line), the only sign of which will be the air shafts. At The Northampton Loop railway line, you are looking for a bridge under the railway in the left corner of the field.
Point D 5¾ miles, 2¼ hours.

We walk through Crick, where pubs are available for a drink.
Exit Crick by the bridleway on the far side of the roundabout, which is Point E.

If you are fealing energetic you can climb Crack Hill as you pass.

At Yelvertoft, turn left at the road and take the next road on the right. At the end of this road, go through the gate and turn left to walk along the fence. Cross the footbridge before the end of the field.
The next bridge is Point F, 9 miles, 3¼ hours, where we turn left.

Over the road, walk straight ahead down Tarry's End to the corner, where we turn right.

Turn right in front of Clay Coton Church at Point G, 10 miles, 3¾ hours.

Turn right again up the driveway to Elm Cottage. Don't be put off by the dog, walk through their garden, past their front door. The stile is at the left end of the far wall. Keep straight on, passing under the power lines with the hedgerow on your right.
Point H, 11 miles, 4 hours, is a footbridge, after which you turn left to go over the A14.

Go straight on through Pages Lodge farmyard.
Turn left over the footbridge down to canal bridge 31 (11¾ miles, 4½ hours) where we pick up the towpath.
Cross over canal bridge 32 to walk along the other side of the canal.
After ¾ mile, at Point I, 12¾ miles and 4¾ hours

Cross back over the canal on a waymarked path.
Canal bridge 38 is Point J, 14¼ miles, 5¼ hours.

We follow Shakespeare's Avon Way at this point. After the fourth footbridge, when walking down into Welford, aim for the far left corner of the field.
Finish at Welford Church.

GPS Markers

Start: SP 53966616Point A: SP 54006899Point B: SP 54247022Point C: SP 56447410
Point D: SP 57897196Point E: SP 59387263Point F: SP 60197568Point G: SP 59407694
Point H: SP 60827726Point I: SP 61777937Point J:SP 62098084Finish: SP 64068034

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