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Northamptonshire Boundary Walk, stage 2 of 14

Aston le Walls to Braunston- Created 6th June 2010

The route uses Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 206 (Edge Hill and Fenny Compton), 207 (Newport Pagnell and Northampton South) and 222 (Rugby and Daventry).

Starting point: Aston le Walls Church, SP495508.

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This walk is 14½ miles long with 225 metres of climbing and 15 stiles, and is likely to take 6¼ hours, longer if full advantage is taken of the pub stop.

Potters End

From Aston le Walls Church turn left down Main Street.

In Byfield, before the main road, take the alleyway between stone walls that signposts access to some house numbers. From the main road cut through Potters End, to Point A, 2¼ miles, 55 minutes.

Go through number 12's garden, turning right in front of the house.

the communications tower

After Manor Farm you should be aiming for the communications tower.

the footbridge and the top of the hill

When the path between hedgerows ends be sure to cross the stream for a third time over the footbridge then proceed ahead with the hedgerow on your right.

At the dead tree, turn left across the field to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill pass to the left of the fence.

Point B is 4¼ miles, 1¾ hours.

Point C is 4¾ miles, 2 hours.


After crossing the road aim for the small gap to the left of the large gap. After this gap aim for the gap by the tree.

The end of Cox's Lane is Point D, 6 miles, 2½ hours.

The path is a few yards down the road to the right, just before a barn. You may as well turn left immediately after the two stiles.

Climb the flight of steps put in by The Ramblers' working party.

hellidon churchpoint bhellidon lake
Arbury HillBadby

Turn left before the air shaft of the Catesby railway tunnel (ex Great Central Railway), but through the gate, not along the tempting track.

You pass Arbury Hill, which, at the giddy height of 225 metres, is the highest point (by 1 metre) in Northamptonshire.

Point E, 9¼ miles, 4 hours, is The Maltsters pub for lunch. If you have your own picnic, it is worth asking if you can eat it in their back yard, otherwise they serve meals.

(Note that times from now on make the, admittedly rather ridiculous, assumption that you did not stop for lunch.)

Note the Roy Perkins Bridge. He was a very active Ramblers' footpath secretary for this area.

StavertonPoint F

At Point F (11 miles, 4¾ hours) in Staverton proceed down Manor Road.

On leaving Staverton, after the two stiles, ensure that you are on the right hand side of the hedgerow when it starts.

To cross the field to Point G (12 miles, 5 hours) aim for the gap to the right of the continuous section of hedgerow.

Finish in Braunston High Street, near The Old Plough.

GPS Markers
Start: SP49535077Point A: SP51675351Point B:SP51845615Point C: SP51195652
Point D: SP51495839Point E: SP55975920Point F: SP53926121Point G: SP53826253
Finish: SP53966616

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