Lleyn Peninsular 2017

P1090113  09:35 on Saturday. The twelve of us took three cars to the start of the linear walk from Trefor. P1090114  Cardamine pratensis = lady's smock P1090115  still in Trefor P1090116
P1090117  about to head up these hills, Yr Eifl (= "gap of two peaks") P1090118 P1090119  We use the Welsh Coast Path quite a lot. P1090120  We saw a lot of Spring Squil
P1090121  The Welsh Coast Path P1090122  Were the pilgrims meant to walk off the cliff? P1090123  Just a few cormorants P1090124
P1090125  old quarry works on Yr Eifl P1090126  Desirable residence number 1 P1090127  or desirable residence number 2 P1090128  Desirable residence number 1 again
P1090129  A rare opportunity to photograph front views as we take a path off the road P1090130  Looking down on the pier at Trefor, where we started P1090131  Looking forward to Nefyn and beyond. The top for some of us, Bwlch yr Eifl ( = "Eifl pass") at 350 metres. The A team tackled the other 94 metres. Derek061155  The A team's view from the top of Yr Eifl. Photo by Derek Barlow
Derek061156  The A team on the top of Yr Eifl. Photo by Derek Barlow Derek061159  Another view from Yr Eifl. Photo by Derek Barlow P1090132  A car park P1090133  Yr Eifl peak, which the A team were tackling while we continued for a hot chocolate
P1090134  The Welsh Language Centre at Nant Gwrtheyrn while awaiting the A team P1090136  After lunch, passing the base of the old granite quarry workings P1090137  Looking back upon the base of the quarry incline P1090138  Lots of bluebells throughout the weekend
P1090139  and some garlic P1090140  "I hope that you are not expecting me to move." P1090141  An even rarer posed photo Derek061521  although everyone except me and David probably prefer Derek's photo
P1090142  Just leaving the posed photo bench P1090143  the crooked walls of Pistyll P1090144  A dead grass snake P1090146  Nefyn, our destination and accommodation, ahoy, with no time left (16:55) for the optional extension
P1090147  Nefyn Church Derek070957  Sunday at 09:55. Cars to Aberdaron for a circular headland walk. Photo by Derek Barlow P1090149  Starting off, uphill of course P1090150  Aberdaron Bay
P1090151  Ynys Gwylan-fawr and Ynys Gwylan-bach ( = big and small sea-gull islands) in Aberdaron Bay P1090152 P1090153 Derek071015  Photo by Derek Barlow
Derek071209  Photo by Derek Barlow P1090154  Not really the message that you want when you fancy a rest on this bench P1090155  More up of course P1090156  A stonechat
P1090160  A bullfinch with ruffled feathers P1090161 P1090162  Orchis mascula (Early Purple Orchid) I think P1090163  Guess what we are going to have to do
P1090164  Overlooking Aberdaron Bay still P1090165 P1090166  A peaceful country scene P1090168  The southernmost tip of the headland
P1090169  Walking towards the southern tip P1090170  Rounding the tip, Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) comes into view P1090172 P1090173
P1090174 P1090175 P1090176 P1090178  A view back to Aberdaron Bay
P1090179 P1090181  On our way back to Abordaron P1090182 P1090183
P1090184 P1090187  Monday at 10:20. And then there were nine, who started from near Llanengan in Porth Neigwl P1090188  walking the Abersoch headland P1090190  The edge of Porth Neigwl
P1090192  117 metres P1090193 P1090194  A lighthouse ahead, with views across to Snowdonia P1090195
P1090196  Ceiriad Bay Derek081207  Photo by Derek Barlow P1090197  We encountered these on the path later P1090198  more climbing
P1090199  Here are those goats again. P1090201  The lighthouse turned out to be on an island: St Tudwal's West. There are now six of us. P1090202 Derek081335  Photo by Derek Barlow
P1090203  a porpoise by St Tudwal's P1090204  porpoises P1090205  The porpoise viewing platform P1090207  The remaining party viewing . . . . . .
P1090206  . . . . Abersoch and Yr Eifl P1090208  A wooden ganet(?) on the way back across the headland P1090209  A mysterious chimney above Llanengan P1090210  15:40 . almost back