Isle of Wight 2017

A Clive Williams week
P1090730  We arrived on Friday 29th September at these cottages . . . . . P1090729  . . . . Chilton Farm. Photos by John Tye unless otherwise stated IMG 2051  Some of us wandered into Brighstone. Photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 2054  The pub that we ate in later. Photo by Mary Kirwan
P1090633  Saturday 30th September. Walking to Freshwater Bay from our car park P1090632  What we will be walking quite a lot of P1090634  Freshwater cormorants and a gull P1090635  dodging . . . . . .
P1090636  . . . . . . this P1090637  looking back to cormorant rock fullsizeoutput 2a9f  10:25 . on the way up Tennyson Down. Photo by Derek Barlow P1090638
P1090639  10:45 . The Solent P1090640  Arriving at The Tennyson Monument in good time for elevenses P1090641  11:05 . after elevenses P1090642  just leaving the monument
P1090643  11:25 . looking back to the monument P1090644  An excellent scheme P1090645  11:50 . The Needles, of course P1090646  12:15 . walking down to the Old Battery with its tea room
P1090647  First glimpse of Alum Bay P1090649  13:05, while exploring The Old Battery. Hurst Castle, The Solent, Fort Albert and some better weather P1090651  13:40 . on our way              to Alum Bay P1090652
P1090655  beginning to discard our doubtful weather clothes IMG 2061  14:35 . on Headon Warren. Photo by Mary Kirwan P1090656 IMG 2062  A peacock, of course. Photo by Mary Kirwan
P1090658 P1090663  15:55 . waiting for some people to do their food shopping IMG 2066  St Agnes, The Thatched Church of Freshwater Bay. Photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 2067  Not the preacher. Photo by Mary Kirwan
20170930 155431  St Agnes. Photo by Sue Holmes fullsizeoutput 2ab3  Photo by Derek Barlow fullsizeoutput 2ac0  Sunday 1st October. The bad weather day, so Osborne House. Photo by Derek Barlow 20171001 112458  The Dining Room
fullsizeoutput 2ac5  the gardens. Photo by Derek Barlow 20171001 115711  in Osborne House grounds 20171001 105749  The Beach Café at Osborne House. Photo by Sue Holmes 20171001 105756  Queen Victoria's bathing hut at Osborne House. Photo by Sue Holmes
20171001 152952  15:30 . the weather being better than feared, we visited Newtown Old Town Hall 20171001 152953  Youngsters nowadays just can't leave their mobile phones alone fullsizeoutput 2ac7  15:45 . the walkway to Newtown Harbour. Photo by Derek Barlow 20171001 154439
20171001 155042  deciding not to venture any further fullsizeoutput 2ac8  deciding to take the longer way back. Photo by Derek Barlow 20171001 161447  16:15 . Newtown Church fullsizeoutput 2aca  Monday 2nd October. Walking from our digs to Carisbrooke Castle. Photo by Derek Barlow
P1090668  10:00 P1090669  Chilton Farm P1090670  10:30 P1090671  10:40 . Limerstone Down viewpoint
P1090672  10:50 . heading for Chillerton Down (the mast) P1090673  11:00 . first glimpse of Carisbrooke Castle P1090675  one of dozens of red admirals P1090676  11:10 . good timing at Cheverton Farm Mountain Bike Centre
IMG 20171002 110516260  but the hedge was preferable to this shed with a hole. Photo by Derek Barlow IMG 2071  11:40 . photo by Mary Kirwan P1090678  12:45 . rather closer to Carisbrooke Castle P1090679  Parkhurst
P1090680  13:30 . a lot closer to Carisbrooke Castle P1090681 P1090682  13:40 P1090683
P1090684  13:45 . visiting The Castle and its tea room fullsizeoutput 2acf  The Castle from the walls. Photo by Derek Barlow P1090685  15:45 . at the bus stop. Most of us declining the 6 miles' walk back 20171002 190713  The Crown at Shorwell
20171002 190801  and with the waitress's finger too close to the lens, but with a different set of eyes closed P1090688  Tuesday 3rd October . starting from Bembridge Fort P1090691  10:35 . Yarborough Monument P1090692  10:40 . on our way down to  Bembridge
P1090693  There was a lot of Black Bryony P1090694  11:15 . Whitecliff Bay (really?) P1090695  11:35 . Bembridge Lifeboat station, for toilets IMG 20171003 124444478  12:40 . Bembridge Windmill for coffee / tea / hot chocolate
P1090698 P1090699 P1090700  13:10 . The Fort ahead P1090701  It is, of course, uphill to The Fort
P1090702  13:35 . Sandown and Shanklin P1090703  After a hasty tasty lunch we visited Bembridge Fort P1090704  inside a caponier P1090705  the central courtyard
IMG 2077  15:20 . the spigot gun post and Portsmouth. Photo by Mary Kirwan P1090707  17:00 . in Shanklin for coffee & cake and fish & chips P1090708  where we were today P1090709  Wednesday 4th October. Ventnor circuit starting from The Botanic Gardens
P1090710  cyclamen IMG 2078  Photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 2080  Photo by Mary Kirwan P1090712  11:35 . Appuldurcombe Down
P1090713  yesterday's fort and monument P1090714  Freemantle Gate P1090716 P1090717  14:15, after lunch outside a closed pub
P1090718  What's it doing on the footpath? IMG 2085  14:30 . Shanklin Down. Photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 20171004 142712193  Photo by Derek Barlow IMG 2087  Photo by Mary Kirwan
IMG 2089  Photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 2090  Sloes for Claire's gin. Photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 2092  14:35 . photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 2093  15:20 . photo by Mary Kirwan
P1090720  15:30 P1090721  St Boniface Down P1090722  decending to Ventnor P1090724
P1090725  St Catherine's School P1090726  The Isle of Wight dynosaur IMG 20171004 160837135 HDR  16:05 . a Ventnor groyne. Photo by Derek Barlow IMG 20171004 163046330 HDR  Photo by Derek Barlow
P1090727  16:15 . Ventnor Esplenade P1090728  16:35 . rushing to get back before the tea room closes P1090731  Thursday 5th October. A circular walk from the cottages to Freshwater Bay P1090732  09:25 . The Undercliff
P1090733  it makes you think P1090734 IMG 20171005 101708547  10:15 . photo by Derek Barlow P1090735  A blue bird and the white cliffs of Freshwater
P1090736 P1090737  A bit rough down there P1090739 P1090740  11:05 . Compton Down
P1090742  13:10 . having lunched at a café in Freshwater Bay P1090743  13:15 . climbing Compton Down P1090744  slow worm IMG 2107  Photo by Mary Kirwan
P1090746  13:45 IMG 2112  Photo by Mary Kirwan P1090747  14:00 . an obstacle that had no intention of moving P1090748
P1090750  striking out for the trigpoint P1090751  14:10 P1090752  14:15 . downhill to go up again P1090753  your idea is as good as mine
IMG 2117  Dry mud, fortunately. Photo by Mary Kirwan IMG 2119  Photo by Mary Kirwan P1090757  a purple gentian? P1090758  14:45 . looking back at the vegetation pattern
P1090759  15:10 . The Longstone IMG 2124  Photo by Mary Kirwan P1090760 IMG 2126  15:25 . in The Mottistone Estate. A tree growing in the middle of a sunken path. Photo by Mary Kirwan
IMG 20171005 155530008  16:20 . after cream tea, Mottistone Manor and Garden. Photo by Derek Barlow IMG 20171005 152540163  Photo by Derek Barlow IMG 20171005 153836088  Photo by Derek Barlow P1090766  Friday 6th October . a morning walk around Hamstead
P1090767  11:40 . Hamstead Point P1090769  a speckled wood P1090770  a comma P1090771  12:00 . making our way through Newtown Harbour Nature Reserve
IMG 20171006 120817388  Photo by Derek Barlow P1090773  Is this the impassable section that we were warned about? P1090774  12:25 . looking across to Newtown Quay, where we were on Sunday IMG 2143  Lunch. Photo by Mary Kirwan
IMG 2144  Photo by Mary Kirwan P1090776  dragonfly